Holiday Swimming Tips

Oct 4, 2023 | Blog

As the holidays are fast approaching, we thought it would be helpful to share some holiday swimming tips to make sure you have best, fun filled and safe Summer holiday this year.

  1. Although it might seem obvious and it goes without saying, never take your eyes off your little ones around water. They may be the most confident little swimmers, but it only takes a second for an accident to happen. Kids are attracted to water and sometimes can get a little over excited.
  2. Always check the depth of the pools on holiday by getting an adult to go in first. It is easy to go by the pool markings but it is safer to get an adult to do a quick check before the little ones get in.
  3. If the clarity of the pool is so poor you cannot see the bottom, don’t get in the water.
  4. Drains and water inlets can trap fingers and hair. Adults should point these out to the little ones so that they understand the danger.
  5. Weak and non-swimmers should not be out of their depth.
  6. At the beach, never play or swim near rocks, near boats or other crafts.
  7. Make sure you have adequate swim aids for your little ones – for example, a woggle or a float.
  8. Set a timer for sun cream top ups.
  9. Don’t forget your safety rules from class! Toes on the edge when jumping into the water and ‘monkey monkey’ around the pool if you are too tired to swim!
  10. And finally, explain the four water safety rules:
  • Never swim alone
  • Do not dive into unknown bodies of water
  • Do not push or jump on others
  • Know where to get help in case of an emergency.

We hope these holiday swimming tips help you to enjoy your Summer holiday more safely!